A brief discussion on the increasing utility of memory foam

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, then memory foam mattress and pillow can be a perfect choice. This foam is a polyurethane material and certain chemicals also have been added to it. This has been done to increase the density and viscosity of the foam. The foam is widely used in mattresses and pillows. You can buy memory foam from any of the online stores as well as some of the brick and mortar stores.

Medical utilities:

Memory foam was first introduced by NASA and was used as a cushion in astronauts’ seats. This was done to absorb shocks during launch and landing of the satellite. Gradually, it was used in the hospitals as an orthopedic seating for those who have undergone a certain type of surgery. Memory foam mattresses and pillows are now widely used in hospitals for bedridden patients so as to reduce the symptoms of bedsores or gangrene.

Relieves back and neck pain:

The mattresses and pillows made of memory foam have now become very popular even on the domestic front. This mattresses and pillows are found to be very much beneficial for those suffering from back pain and neck pain. The foam is found to be very much helpful in improving the alignment of spine and neck muscles. It is also regarded as a perfect remedy for those suffering from sleep apnea.

In addition to these, memory foam has certain specific utilities, which are as follows:

·        When you buy memory foam mattress and pillow, you would notice these actually align to the contour of your body. This has become possible because with memory foam, air pressure gets equally distributed throughout the mattress or pillow. Further, you would also notice memory foam sinks suitably, which helps in regulating the flow of blood throughout the body. Further, memory foam is temperature sensitive; it becomes soft when it is exposed to high temperature. It is this characteristic that enables the memory foam to align to the contour of the body.

·        Memory foam provides perfect support to the neck. As a matter of fact, the headrest of your car and also those used in airplanes are made of memory foam. It is for this reason, this type of headrest is regarded as a perfect travel companion.

·        When you visit the store to buy memory foam mattresses or pillows, you would also find exclusive pregnancy pillows that are made of this material. In fact, mattresses and pillows made of this product are regarded as ideal for women suffering from pregnancy related back pain.

·        The utility of memory foam has become so versatile that even sofas and pet beds are now made of this product. Further, memory foam can be easily compressed and rolled. It is because of this unique feature, there are exclusive memory foam beds and pillows that are used during travel and picnics. In addition to this, you might also have come across elegant Halloween costumes and stuffed toys that adore kids’ room.


All these highlight the unique features of memory foam and its increasing utility in the day to day life.